Knowledge is Power: Edmonton Real Estate Market

The Edmonton real estate market has been a topic of discussion for many years, and as we head into 2023, it continues to be a subject of interest for both buyers and sellers. With the ongoing pandemic and economic changes, the real estate market in Edmonton has seen its ups and downs over the past few years. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the Edmonton real estate market in 2023.

Home Prices and Market Trends

As of 2023, the Edmonton real estate market is expected to remain stable, with a moderate increase in home prices. According to recent reports, the median home price in Edmonton is around $375,000, with the average price per square foot hovering around $250. These numbers are expected to rise slightly in the coming years, as demand for housing in Edmonton continues to grow.

Market trends show that detached single-family homes remain the most popular choice for homebuyers in Edmonton. However, there has been a recent uptick in demand for townhomes and condominiums, as younger buyers and first-time homebuyers look for more affordable housing options.

In terms of market conditions, Edmonton is currently experiencing a balanced market, which means that there are roughly an equal number of buyers and sellers. This makes for a healthy market, with a good balance of supply and demand.

Impact of the Pandemic

Like many other cities, Edmonton has been impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has had a significant impact on the real estate market, with many buyers and sellers hesitant to enter the market due to economic uncertainty.

However, as the pandemic continues to stabilize and the economy improves, we are seeing an increase in buyer and seller activity in the Edmonton real estate market. While the pandemic may have slowed down the market initially, it seems to have bounced back in recent months.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead to the future, the Edmonton real estate market is expected to remain stable and continue its moderate growth trajectory. Demand for housing in Edmonton is expected to remain steady, with the younger demographic driving demand for more affordable housing options.

The city's expanding job market and overall economic stability are expected to continue to attract people to the area, which will only fuel the demand for housing in Edmonton.

In conclusion, the Edmonton real estate market in 2023 is expected to remain stable, with moderate growth in home prices and demand for housing. With a balanced market and a steady increase in demand, the future looks bright for the Edmonton real estate market.


Multiple Offers?! What do I do?

After months, maybe years of searching you have finally found your dream home.  Problem is, so did 5 other people and you are going to be competing with them in multiple offers to purchase this home.

Multiple offers are becoming more and more common in today's hot real estate market, but there are still some steps you can take to make your offer stand out. Here are a few tips to help you make your offer the successful one:

1. Make sure you are pre-approved or pre-qualified for a mortgage before submitting an offer - Being pre-approved or pre-qualified can demonstrate to the seller that you are serious and have the ability to purchase their home.

2. Submit a competitive offer with limited conditions - Consider submitting an offer that is a bit higher than the others limited contingencies or time frame to complete. This will demonstrate to the seller that you are serious.

3. Make sure your offer has a short closing period - A shorter closing period can show the seller that you are ready and willing to move quickly if your offer is accepted.

4. Include a personal letter - A personal letter to the seller can show them that you are passionate about buying their home and may appeal to their personal nature.

5. Be willing to negotiate - Being open and willing to negotiate can show the seller that you are a reasonable buyer and will be fair in any counter offers. Making sure you understand the market value of their home and what you are willing to pay for it. 

6. Consider including an escalation clause - An escalation clause can be used to ensure that your offer is the highest offered, or at least close to it. This will help guarantee you get the house if your original offer wasn't accepted among others. 

7. Be prepared to move fast - Acting quickly and decisively when making an offer can show the seller that you are serious about their home. This can help increase your chances of getting the house and closing the deal quickly.

8. Research potential problems - It is important to research any potential problems with a property before making an offer, such as home repairs, zoning issues and more. This will help you make an informed decision on the fair market value for the property and decide if making an offer is worth it.

9. Be flexible - Taking the time to understand what is important to the seller can be beneficial when negotiating a deal. Be willing to negotiate terms such as closing costs or other​​ ​​​ financial incentives that can make the sale more attractive to the seller.

10. Get a professional - Hiring a real estate professional can help you navigate the home buying process, as well as provide guidance and advice on making an offer that is in your best interest. 

Need help navigating the Edmonton Real Estate Market? Call us, let's chat about your options.  


Iconic Women Making Iconic Moves

On International Women's Day, I discovered the Ukrainian tradition of honoring all women with a day off and showering them with love - something told to me by our new team member who recently relocated from Ukraine to Edmonton. She reminded me to celebrate this special day in ways that recognize all the powerful contributions made by the women around us!

Reflecting on the importance of recognizing women in our lives, I decided to honor a small, select group of incredible individuals who bring so much richness and power into my life (I wish I could name everyone). These remarkable mothers, supporters and inspirations are queens among us all; inspiring me everyday with their strength and elegance. With immense gratitude for having them as close allies, friends and mentors - I take this moment to recognize these amazing people for being focused on creating and establishing a safer, more accessible and brighter future for all women today and tomorrow.

Dallas Sleeman, Owner, Intuitive Financial Coaching

Dallas is a true gift.  In every interaction, personal or professional, she is 100% focused on you. She takes great effort to demonstrate in every moment that she is present, a trait not easily found nowadays.  After rising to the top in other professions, Dallas started her own business Intuitive Financial Coaching this year.  I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to utilize her services as I too, recently started my own company and wanted to ensure I was on the right track - who better to get advice from than one of your best friends?  After just the first two sessions I was amazed at how much I actually gained: Motivation, direction, understanding, but most of all discovery.  Dallas helped me discover so many aspects about myself that affected not just my financial success but also my relationships, my health, and more overall satisfaction with life. Without judgment, Dallas helped me reframe my thinking and to see the bigger picture in all my decisions. Thank you Dallas for being my friend, my coach, and most importantly, a strong and feminine force in this world. 


Heather Andrew, Owner, Aspen Wellness Centre

When I met Heather for the first time, I was amazed by her intelligence, her empathetic nature, but most importantly how gracefully she navigated challenges, difficult conversations and personal change.  You just know sometimes when you meet someone that they will make a difference in the world, and that is Heather Andrew.  She is a personal hero and a great friend who also decided to step into her boss-woman's shoes and open her own business this past year.  Aspen Wellness Centre provides mental health therapy and wellness services including various types of therapeutic massage, reiki and reflexology to promote the healing of the body, mind and spirit.  When it comes to business, Heather is a visionary. After consulting on the best ways to get started in her industry, she put together an amazing team of professionals who were passionate about her vision and mission for Aspen Wellness Centre. Over the years Heather has taught me patience and compassion and I could not respect someone more than I do her.  Thank you Heather for teaching me everyday to be a slightly better version of myself.

Olga Klimko, Mortgage Associate, On The Mark Mortgages

Beautiful, fierce, savvy, strong…Olga is the metric in every way.  Not only has she guided a thriving Edmonton based business for over 16 years, she raised two highly intelligent and successful children, but most recently she is dominating in the Mortgage world and will always be my top referral for any buyers. She is calm, patient, wickedly smart, honest, loving and everything I am obsessed with.  She is the keeper of all my secrets and fears and I couldn't trust anyone more to give me tough advice (when I need it/deserve it).  She shows me daily how to be a better person and she never stops pushing me to reach my goals, big or small.  Her tireless energy and unending support means the world to me. Thank you Olga for being YOU and showing me what it looks like when women use their powers of strength and intelligence to empower everyone around them. 

Kelsey Phillips, Director of US Operations, Driving Force

When Kelsey and I met, I was 25 and knew absolutely everything about everything.  I was unapologetic and determined to win in one way, my way.  We worked together at Driving Force and I was ruthless in the best and worst possible way. At that stage in life, I just wanted to win, to achieve and to make waves.  I'm not sure how she saw something more in me, but she found a way through my tough approach and we became great friends. With incredible patience, she encouraged me to look beyond conventional boundaries and take risks.  She taught me how to lead with confidence but without force, how to make decisions that empowered people around me without threat and how to demonstrate empathy when it mattered the most.  She made sure I understood that success was not about doing things one way but about adapting and finding​​ paths to succeed together.  I could not be more grateful to her today and everyday; plus I love to tell people that I am friends with a powerful woman leader running the whole show in the USA for Driving Force. I could not be more proud of her and the incredible accomplishments she has achieved and will always be a woman I respect to the highest level.

Caitlin Varrin, Owner, Magic Hour Creative

Ill get this out there first, Caitlin Varrin and I share the same name, the same birthday, we were born in the same hospital and we grew up two doors down from each other!  We are true gemini twins and I am so grateful to have someone who understands me as only she could.  While we can be a lot alike, it's our differences that make me respect her the most.  She is creative, dynamic and seemingly good at absolutely anything.  Magic Hour Creative is a full service media company and she is the boss that runs the whole ship. You would think that would be enough, but while we mere mortals are sleeping, Caitlin runs a successful vintage clothing store company, Lawless Vintage; as well she styles for film productions, DJS, and likely more than I have time to write here.  She is a supporter of all women, all people, and if she does not have time to help you, she will clear her whole schedule and do it anyway.  As a creative entrepreneur, she is a rare breed and I am lucky to call her my friend. She is certainly “one to watch” and I can't wait to see what she does next.

All women face their own challenges in finding their place and space in the world. These women have and are always pioneering a path for themselves, but most importantly other women to come ahead.  They demonstrate that no woman has to make herself, her voice, or her opinion small to be accepted.  Their strength, their elegance, and their friendship is iconic in every way and if you have not met them yet, I hope you get the chance so you can see great examples of women making incredible moves everyday.  

Happy International Women's Day to all women, in all places, and in all spaces.  We support you and we stand with you. 


Caitlin Heine
Owner, Iconic Purpose Inc.


Coming Soon: 11129 78 Avenue in McKernan


It’s nearly spring, and you’ll have the chance to entertain in your amazingly landscaped backyard - complete with perennials, pond, patio and a playhouse! 

Thoughtfully constructed and designed in 2000 this is a move-in-ready family home. This is not a skinny home!The main floor of this home offers beautiful birch hardwood, an appealing eat-in kitchen, an opulent dining room, and a family room with a gas ignited wood burning fireplace.

Upstairs you'll appreciate the master suite, featuring a luxurious bath with a clawfoot tub and walk-in closet. Two additional bedrooms and a 4-piece bath complete the upper level.

The finished basement offers bright and comfortable private living with a kitchen, family room, bedroom, bath, laundry, heated floors and a separate entrance. An oversized double garage completes this incredible home.

Best of all is the location - in the desirable Mckernan community close to everything central Edmonton has to offer. The University of Alberta and LRT access are just minutes away!

For more information on this stunning McKernan Home, please click here:


What is Happening in Edmonton's Real Estate Market in 2023?

The Edmonton real estate market has been on a wild ride over the past few years. But what does the market look like in 2023? Will it be a sellers’ or buyers’ market? We'll take a look at some of the factors and facts that could influence the Edmonton real estate market in 2023.  If you are selling or buying, it is very important to know the biggest factors effecting you.

In the first 60 days of 2023 only 1700 single family homes have sold which is almost 1300 fewer homes sold in 2022 in the same time period.

Volume is down! 

By area, the North and Central Region are seeing the highest volume of sales, followed closely by the SW.  The lowest regions as it relates to volume is the South and Millwoods regions.

While the volume is down year over year, there may be some areas of Edmonton that have less inventory available currently then what the market demands. 

Supply of available inventory in the South and South West region looks light compared to what is actually in demand, thereby prices may trend higher in those areas compared to others:

Volume is only a part of the information, if we examine the sold values that are trending YTD in 2023 we find that we are mirroring the same values from 2022 in almost every catagory.   Such as 45% of all homes sold in the first 60 days of 2023 were UNDER $400,000 and in 2022 46% were sold under $400,000 in the same time period.

So while volume may be down, values have remained relativly flat compared to 2022 so far.

So volume is down and prices are flat.  What does that mean?  

If you are considering selling our home right now, pricing your home correctly or better yet, competitivly, it is going to be much more important now as our current available inventory is not reflective of what is actually selling.  

Supply is not meeting the needs of demand!

Sellers are going to be facing steaper competition to sell with more available options to choose from in some price ranges; whereas buyers are going to face extreme competition in others! 

In the first 60 days of 2023, 15% of all homes sold were priced between $300,000 and $350,000; whereas the current available inventory maintains less that 5% in that same range.  If you are a buyer with an mortgage pre-approval in this range, you are going to be competeting with more buyers over fewer homes.  If you are a seller, or considering selling in this range, NOW IS THE TIME and you may just end up with multiple offers.

However, if you look at other value ranges such as $700,000 - $1,000,000 which makes up almost 12% of our available inventory, but only 4% of the actual sales so far.  Sellers in this price point are going to need to make sure they are the best options to attract a smaller pool of buyers.  Buyers in this price range are going to have their pick and are likely going to be able to negotiate more on price and terms.

Volume is down, prices are flat and the current supply of inventory is not in line with demand.... but how does that compare to areas? 

Of all the available homes for sale right now in the Edmonton area, compared to what is actually selling is not lining up either.  Of all homes sold YTD in 2023, the average house prices have been by area:

Average sold home prices are under $500,000 in all regions, with the SW being the highest (no surprise there) and the North Region being the lowest.  However when you compare that to what is currently available, the difference gets more extreme with only the North region offering prices reflective of what the market is showing us.

Sellers in most regions are going to need to temper their expectations of what value they will get for their homes this year as there are fewer buyers able or willing to spend the amounts offered for sale. Buyers are going to need to also temper their expectations in which areas they will consider, or compare what they are willing to sacrifice to be in specifc areas.  

For sellers:

You will need to be very specific in how you price your homes this year.  Understand that buyers search in $100,000, but usually $50,000 price ranges most of the time.  You will need to be the best house in the $50,000 bucket to get the highest attraction from buyers this year.  Know your competition and aim to be better in every way.

If you want to list your home at $410,000, know that you will be compared against the best homes priced at $450,000; whereas if you price your home at $399,000, you will stand out as the best against the homes priced at $450,000.00. 

Read more on how to show your best when listing you home here.

For Buyers:

In most price points, you will have a higher volume of choice to choose from, so choose wisely and look for the best value.  Homes with upgrades such as furnaces, roof, windows, and mechanical will be a safer investment and should become a non-negotiable for you soon.  However, in other price points you will face stiff competition with a higher volume of buyers looking for the same inventory.  It is more important then ever to be working with a Real Estate professional who will update you the SECOND a property hits the market. Do not delay, get in there. 

If you are a buyer, shopping for a home between $300,000 and $350,000, the market is HOT HOT HOT! Check out my list of available homes here that is continuously updated!

Also, consider the areas you are looking in. Everyone wants to live in Westmount with its iconic historical architecture, access to the vibrant businesses on 124 Street and easy commute to downtown, but with an average home price of $540,000 it is not a viable option for most people.  Therefore, if you want to live in Westmount than I would recommend considering Inglewood, Prince Rupert or WoodcroftAll three neighbourhoods maintain a much lower median house price of around $300,000; as well they provide many of the same amenities as Westmount, but with a much more affordable price tag.

Read more on the Best Edmonton alternative areas here.

Other considerations that will effect the Edmonton Real Estate Market in 2023 will be population growth. The city has grown rapidly over the past decade, with new residents drawn to its low unemployment rate and burgeoning economy. This influx of people is likely to continue into 2023, leading to increased demand for housing, with the potential to drive up property prices.  

Another important factor to consider is the economic trends in Edmonton. The city has a long track record of job growth, but it's expected that this could slow down somewhat over the next few years. This could put downward pressure on real estate prices, as fewer people will be able to afford higher-end properties. Therefore, it's important to keep an eye on the city's economic performance in 2023, as this will have a direct impact on the real estate market. 

There are several factors at play when it comes to the real estate market in Edmonton. Paying attention to economic performance, interest rates, neighborhood trends, and demand and supply can all help you make the best decision when purchasing a home in Edmonton. With careful research and analysis of these factors, you are sure to find an excellent property at the right price and we can help.

Whether you are in the market to buy or sell, having a plan and professional advice is more important then ever.  Contact me, Caitlin Heine, and we can review the best course of action for your specific needs!


Edmonton's Best

Edmonton is always changing, communities adapt and transform all the time, so whether you are new to Edmonton or have lived here all your life there may be communities that you should re-consider or explore. 

Many people focus on the best of Edmonton which often has a high price point, that is why we've put together our own Top Edmonton Alternative list with some unconventional favourites that may surprise you - because we all know that sometimes the best places can be found off-the-beaten path! So strap yourself in - we're about to go on an exciting little tour through some of Edmonton's most vibrant pockets within city limits.

If you LOVE Westmount, you may want to consider Inglewood, Woodcroft or Prince Rupert

Everyone wants to live in Westmount with its iconic historical architecture, access to the vibrant businesses on 124 Street and easy commute to downtown, but with an average home price of $540,000 it is not a viable option for most people.  Therefore, if you want to live in Westmount than I would recommend considering Inglewood, Prince Rupert or Woodcroft.

All three neighbourhoods maintain a much lower median house price of around $300,000; as well they provide many of the same amenities as Westmount, but with a more affordable price tag. In Inglewood, you will find lots of character homes built in the mid-20th century and plenty of green space and parks. Prince Rupert offers charming historical homes and is located close to Royal Alexandra Hospital and Kingsway Mall. Lastly, Woodcroft is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Edmonton and also boasts easy access to downtown.  So if you are looking for a more affordable option in Westmount, I would highly recommend exploring Inglewood, Prince Rupert or Woodcroft. You won't be disappointed!

If you LOVE Bonnie Doon you need to consider Holyrood.

Bonnie Doon is close to Whyte Avenue, the French Quarters and all of Central Edmonton; but with an average price point of $600,0000 it is hard to attain. You shoud consider Holyrood in Edmonton . Holyrood is located close to Bonnie Doon and offers an average price point of $389,000. It has many restaurants, shops and cafes all within walking distance. Not to mention it's easy access to the University of Alberta and Whyte Avenue. So if you want that Bonnie Doon vibe without the hefty pricetag, look towards Holyrood.

Do you long to live in Laurier Heights - consider Meadowlark Park!

If you dream of living in Laurier Heights but don't want to break the bank to do so, Meadowlark Park should be on your radar. It's located right next door and offers a more affordable price point of $450,000 compared to Laurier's average of $600,000. With many parks nearby and easy access to the Whitemud and River Valley, Meadowlark Park is an ideal spot for those seeking a more budget-friendly neighbourhood. Plus, there's plenty of great restaurants and shops in the area as well! So if you're looking for a cozy place to call home with all the amenities of Laurier Heights, Meadowlark Park is the best choice!

Want the million dollar views of Oliver, Strathearn, or Garneau but do not want to pay a miliion dollars to have it?

The best gems for iconic views of the city or of the river valley might surprise you.  If you are looking for a house, our recommendations would be Forest Heights, Beacon Heights and Rundle Heights!  These communities have great views and affordable price points .  Plus, they are conveniently located close to parks and trails, as well as shops, restaurants and services. So if you want the best of both worlds – a great view without breaking the bank – these neighbourhoods are worth considering!

Want the charm, conveinance and historical flare of Old Strathcona, consider Alberta Avenue or Parkdale

Alberta Avenue and Parkdale are two of the most underrated communities in the City of Edmonton.  On top of offering some of the most reasonable values for a single family home, these communities offer history, community, and events by the dozen.  The vibrancy of these areas is obvious and the community vibes are unseen anywhere else.  Check out the community gardensKaleido Family Arts Festival, Deep Freeze Fest, and so much more.  Arts on the Avenue is making major headway in making this community a destination for culture and community!

For those looking for the best condo options with amazing views, Boyle Street and Riverdale are often overlooked even though they offer some of the best views in the city.   Both are close to excellent amenities and you can get a quality condo for under $300 000.  

No matter what kind of budget you have, there is something for you in Edmonton!  

Contact us for more tips of areas you should consider, regardless of budget!


Forest Heights: 10303 78 Street

Forest Heights is the absolute best of all worlds, located on the southeast bank of the North Saskatchewan River Valley, walking distance to downtown, surrounded by mature trees and nature - some of the best Real Estate is located in the often overlooked neighbourhood in Edmonton.

Forest Heights is rich in history and maintains some of the best views of both Downtown Edmonton and the River Valley.  While some areas built upon the viewpoints in Edmonton are highly congested, Forest Heights still maintains large lots, ample nature, and a tight knit community.

10303 78 Street

Welcome to this meticulously maintained bungalow situated in the desirable Forest Heights community. Situated on a large corner lot, this property is sure to impress with four bedrooms and two fully renovated bathrooms. On top of that, you'll find an expansive kitchen outfitted with oak cabinetry; spacious living/dining room combo, large windows with custom (new) blinds and original hardwood floors. And if that weren't enough, there's even more space below boasting one bedroom + full bath IN LAW suite (with separate entrance) ideal as either extra accommodation or entertainment area. Recent upgrades include newer windows , roofing , hot water tank, lighting, furnace, AC and more! As well, all new landscaping and decking outside making it your own personal oasis! Close to everything, this is the home you have been waiting for.

Join us this weekend for an Open House!

Searching for other Forest Heights Homes?  Click HERE


Renting vs. Buying: What is Better?

Renting vs. Buying: Which is Better?

When it comes to making a big purchase, such as buying a home or apartment, many people have to consider the pros and cons of both renting and buying. Renting can be a great option for those who don’t have the means or desire to buy right away, while buying may be the best choice for those who plan on living in one place for an extended period of time. To help you decide what’s best for you and your family, here are some of the pros and cons of renting versus buying.

One major benefit of renting is that it offers more flexibility than owning a home or apartment. If you rent, you don’t have to commit long-term to any one location; instead, you can choose to move at any time without worrying about selling your home or finding someone else to take over the lease. This makes it easier for those who want or need to relocate frequently—such as military families, young professionals, or anyone looking for career opportunities in different parts of the country—to do so without getting stuck with a property they no longer want or need.

A second advantage of renting is that it often requires lower upfront costs than buying a property outright. In most cases, renters will only have to put down a security deposit before moving in; they won’t have to worry about loan payments until they actually buy something. On top of this, all maintenance costs are covered by the landlord instead of being passed on to tenants. This can be especially beneficial if you don’t want to worry about having enough money set aside for potential repairs and upgrades later on.

On the other hand, purchasing real estate usually offers more stability than renting does since buyers ultimately own their homes outright after their loan payments are finished (or sooner if they pay cash). This can work out well for individuals who plan on staying in one place for several years at least and want more control over how their space looks and functions over time; homeowners also see financial benefits from building equity in their properties as prices rise over time.

Finally, purchasing property also offers tax advantages that renters typically don’t get access too—like deductions on mortgage interest payments—which can help buyers save money in the long run if their incomes qualify them for such benefits.

Ultimately, deciding whether to rent or buy depends largely on individual lifestyle goals and financial situations; what works well for one person may not work as well for another depending on where they live and how much money they make each year etc.. That said, taking some time upfront to think through your options carefully can help ensure that whatever path you take ends up being the right choice both now and in the future.

The good news is, whatever you decide, Iconic YEG has you covered.  We will help you find your dream rental such as the new East Junction in Edmonton, or your new dream home. 

Call us to chat:)


Preparation: The Art of Selling you Home

Selling your home can be both exciting and stressful. It is important to make sure that your home is in prime condition before you put it on the market. To make your home attractive to potential buyers, take some time to prepare it properly so that its value is maximized. Here are a few tips on how to get your house ready for sale:

  1. Make Necessary Repairs: Take care of any repairs or maintenance tasks that need to be done, such as fixing a broken window or patching up holes in the wall. This will help show buyers that they won’t have to do any major work when they move into the house.
  2. Clean and Declutter: A clean and clutter-free house will appear more inviting and spacious to potential buyers. Vacuum, mop floors, scrub bathrooms, dust surfaces, and organize closets so each room looks its best. Get rid of furniture and items you don't need anymore or consider renting a storage unit for those items until after your home is sold.
  3. Freshen Up Interiors: Give the walls a fresh coat of paint, replacing worn carpets with new ones if necessary and replacing outdated fixtures with modern ones--all of which can give the impression that everything in the home is still new and updated. When selecting colors for painting walls, choose neutral shades such as white or light gray so that buyers can better visualize themselves living in the space.
  4. Enhance Curb Appeal: The exterior of your home should look just as appealing as the inside if you want it to sell quickly! Paint railings and door frames if necessary; power wash siding; trim trees; edge lawns; and add colorful plants or flowers near entryways. Don’t forget about lighting either–make sure there are adequate lights around walkways, porches, garages, etc., so people feel safe coming at night to view your property.
  5. Consider Hiring a Professional Home Inspector: Before potential buyers come over, hire an experienced local inspector who can examine all aspects of the house from plumbing issues to heating systems ensuring there are no underlying issues with the property that could affect its value during negotiations later on down the line.

Last but not least, contact us at Iconic YEG - we can guide you through each step and what to do to prepare your home for sale and get the best returns. By taking these steps to prepare your home for sale ahead of time will save you time (and money!) throughout the process by maximizing how much interest buyers have in your property from start through close - resulting in potentially higher offers from more qualified buyers who are actually interested in moving forward with buying it!


Top 10 Reasons to Move to Edmonton in 2023

If you're looking for a place to live that is affordable and has plenty of opportunity, you should consider moving to Edmonton, Alberta. The cost of homes in Edmonton is much more affordable than other major cities in Canada, and the job market is booming. There are plenty of great neighborhoods to choose from, and the city is constantly expanding and improving its infrastructure. If you're ready for a new adventure, Edmonton is the perfect place to call home! Here are 10 reasons you will LOVE this city!

  1. Jobs, jobs, jobs! The unemployment rate in Edmonton is lower than the national average, and there are plenty of opportunities for young adults to find work.
  2. The cost of living is relatively affordable compared to other major cities in Canada.
  3. If you love the outdoors, you'll be happy to know that Edmonton is home to more than 7,400 acres of parkland!
  4. There's no shortage of things to do in this city - from catching a game at Rogers Place to exploring the Alberta Legislature Building, there's something for everyone.
  5. The people who live here are friendly and welcoming - you're sure to feel right at home in no time!
  6. Winter might be cold, but that just means you can enjoy all the winter activities this city has to offer, like ice skating and downhill skiing.
  7. And when the warmer months roll around, there are plenty of festivals and events to keep you entertained all summer long.
  8. Want to get away from it all? Edmonton is located close to some stunning natural attractions like Jasper National Park and Banff National Park
  9. This city is also a great place for foodies! With a thriving restaurant scene, you'll never go hungry here..
  10. Last but not least, moving to Edmonton will give you the chance to experience everything this amazing province has to offer! From its rich history and culture To its beautiful landscapes , there's so much waiting for you here.. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and make the move today!
Want to know more about Edmonton?  Call us, we love to chat all things YEG!

Edmonton Real Estate: 2022 Review

Happy New Year!

As the new year approaches, Michael and I are filled with immense gratitude for all our dear clients, friends and families who have supported us through a monumental journey of creating and starting ICONIC YEG

In our first year of operation, our new Edmonton-based Real Estate company has enabled over 100 people to find or sell their homes in 2022 alone! We've also consistently ranked among RE/MAX's top 15 agents each month - quite an accomplishment that could not have been possible without your support.

What happened in the Edmonton Real Estate market in 2022?  Are you ready for 2023?

There were almost 19,000 sold properties in the greater Edmonton area in 2022. 

With the highest volume of properties being sold before May, the Spring started in January and we anticipate the same for 2023! Are you ready?

Of all the homes sold in 2022, over 70% of them were priced under $500,000.00.  This is an important metric for sellers when preparing for sale as you need to know where the highest volume of buyers are and how to reach them.  Edmonton is an affordable options for anyone planning on buyers or relocating this year, for more information on this, please read more here

As we look ahead and get ready for 2023, there is positive news for buyers looking to maximize their value and options in homeownership.

With over 1000 Single Family homes currently on the market priced BELOW $300,000.  Now is the time to purchase and start investing in yourself and your future.  

If you're looking to move soon whether it be selling your property or renting out space; now is definitely the time to start planning ahead since the spring market has already arrived.

Caitlin Heine


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WHY RENT? When you can buy an Edmonton home for under $300,000

Are you in the market for an affordable, high value Edmonton home priced under $300,000?

If so, you've come to the right place! Click HERE to search for a variety of great homes available in Edmonton that all come with price tags well below $300,000. And sure - they may not have all the bells and whistles compared to higher-priced properties in other areas - but don't let that fool you. From modern townhomes close to downtown amenities to established bungalows off the beaten path – there are plenty of fantastic options out there waiting for their new owners. You can find plenty of quality living at a fraction of what some other cities offer – which means more cash stays safely tucked away in your pocket where it belongs!

1.  More Affordable

One of the primary reasons to buy a home that is well under your mortgage approval limit is that it will be more affordable. When you are looking at homes, it is important to consider not only the price of the home, but also the cost of ownership. The cost of ownership includes things like property taxes, insurance, and maintenance. If you buy a home that is well under your mortgage approval limit, you will have more money left over each month to cover these costs.

2.  More Equity

Another reason to buy a home that is well under your mortgage approval limit is that you will build equity faster. Equity is the portion of your home’s value that you own outright. Every time you make a mortgage payment, a portion of that payment goes towards paying down your principal balance, which increases your equity. If you buy a home that is well under your mortgage approval limit, you will have a smaller principal balance and will build equity faster.

3.  More Flexibility

When you buy a home that is well under your mortgage approval limit, you will also have more flexibility in terms of how much money you can borrow in the future. If you ever need to take out a loan for major repairs or renovations, having a lower mortgage balance will give you more borrowing power. Additionally, if you decide to sell your home in the future, you will have more negotiating power if you owe less on your mortgage than the home is worth.

4.  Lower Interest Rates

If you buy a home that is well under your mortgage approval limit, you may also be able to qualify for lower interest rates. Lenders often offer lower interest rates to borrowers who are seen as low-risk, and one way to demonstrate low risk is by having a smaller mortgage balance relative to the value of your home. This can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan and make your monthly payments more affordable.

5.  Peace of Mind

Finally, buying a home that is well under your mortgage approval limit can give you peace of mind knowing that you are not overextending yourself financially. When you are house hunting, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement and spend more than you had originally planned. By sticking to homes that are well within your budget, you can avoid financial stress down the road and enjoy your new home without worry

Although it may be tempting to spend your entire budget on a home, there are many benefits to investing in a property that is under budget. Low cost options offer numerous advantages such as being easier to sell in the future and providing more opportunity for customization. If you're looking for an affordable option that doesn't sacrifice quality, contact Iconic YEG today to view these homes.

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